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Homes for Sale Mokena IL

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Homes for Sale Mokena IL

Homes for Sale Mokena IL

Tips for Preparing Homes for Sale Mokena IL:


A fresh application of paint is among the most effective steps a seller can take to refresh the look of their Homes for Sale Mokena IL. Without a doubt, painting is among of the most common suggestions real estate agents often make to their clients before listing a property.

Painting can help smaller rooms appear more spacious and highlight particular details such as trim and crown molding. However, put some consideration into your color selection. Homes for Sale Mokena IL generally advise neutral warm colors, like beige, gray, tan or gold. Because those shades go with practically anything, it can help prospective buyers picture their own belongings in the home. If you do not have sufficient to paint the whole house, consider at least painting the bathrooms, kitchen, foyer and entryway. If your house was painted within the last couple of years, you can simply touch up stains or marks on the walls and baseboards.

Painting is a project that many homeowners can do themselves. For optimal results, prepare the rooms by thoroughly cleaning the dirt and dust off walls, repair any holes or damage, apply painter’s tape to the trim, and cover floors and furniture with a drop cloth. Although painting isn’t especially difficult, it can take some time. Although it can vary, painting an average-size bedroom typically takes about 30 minutes to one hour to prepare and then one to two hours to apply a coat of paint.

Staging Homes for Sale Mokena IL

After painting the next step in preparing to show a home involves staging. The goal is to present a positive initial impression so buyers will place your home at the top of their checklist.

It’s usually not necessary to stage an entire home. Instead, focus upon rooms that will impress the buyers most like the kitchen, master bedroom, living room and bathrooms. For example, in the kitchen, put a bowl of colorful fruit on the counter and set the table with linens and dinnerware. In your living room, place decorative blankets across the arm of the couch and place a vase containing flowers on your coffee table. To update the bathrooms, add new towels and a dish of decorative soap by the sink. Place a tray with a few books next to the master bed.

Try creating a center focal point within each room. Additionally, hanging a piece of simple artwork can enhance your staging and highlight architectural features such as an appealing window or the fireplace.

While staging is primarily about specific details, updating your furniture is also effective especially if your existing furnishings look dated or in poor condition. For instance, if you were already planning to replace a worn-out chair or dining set, it may be a good move to do so before listing Homes for Sale Mokena IL.

Renting furniture as a home is on the marketplace can also be beneficial. This can be a smart idea if you have already made the move into your new residence and the Homes for Sale Mokena IL is vacant. Rooms without any furnishings tend to appear smaller. Putting furniture into rooms can help buyers get a better idea of where they might place their own items.

Staging also will help you provide each room with a purpose, giving potential buyers of Homes for Sale Mokena IL useful ideas for how they would utilize an extra room, nook or basement. Select a function that could appeal to your target demographic. As an example, if yours is a “starter home” in a community that appeals to younger families, stage a bedroom as a playroom or nursery. If your condominium appeals to single or older buyers, consider staging a home office or fitness room. Keep in mind that staging is about lifestyle and design.

Don’t forget to stage the exteriors to create curb appeal. The first impression buyers get typically forms as they arrive in front of your home. The appearance of a home’s exterior can have significant impact on its value.

Maintaining a neat landscape is the first step for staging your home’s exterior. Mow the lawn, bushes and trim and add fresh mulch. Planting new flowers in your yard or in pots beside your front door can add appealing color, too.

During the winter months, consider a few seasonal accents like holiday lighting or wreaths.

Talk to your Homes for Sale Mokena IL real estate professional for further recommendations of preparing your property for the marketplace.

After listing a home, it’s important to ensure it remains consistently clean and tidy. For any busy household, it can be a challenge to maintain that level of decoration and repair. Although your Realtor will try to accommodate your schedule, requests for showings can occur with short notice sometimes so
you may not always have much time to prepare.

To make it as convenient as possible, set a cleaning routing and follow it. Stay on top of clutter by storing items away as soon as you are done with them. Share responsibility by delegating cleaning chores to everyone in the family.

Make a regular practice of wiping off bathroom and kitchen fixtures and surfaces daily. Keep the wastebaskets empty. Sweep or vacuum before you depart the house. If possible, cut the grass and remove weed growth each week. Also, keep your front porch and walkway clean and easily accessible.

Here’s a handy checklist for preparing Homes for Sale Mokena IL for showing:

-Check each room for dirt and clutter.
-Sweep and vacuum.
-Wipe off sinks and countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms.
-Empty all wastebaskets.
-Place valuables in a secure and out of the way location.
-Put pet dishes away.
-Sweep off the front porch.
-Open blinds and curtains.
-Turn lights on.

If you have young children, it can be more difficult to keep things neat. While your home is available for showings, limit the toys they can access or establish a rule setting the number of toys that can be out at once. If you own pets, put their food and toys away and be sure the yard is clear.

You wouldn’t want a potential Homes for Sale Mokena IL buyer taking a walk across your yard and stepping in an unpleasant surprise. Consider boarding your pet, if feasible, with a kennel, family member or friend for a while during the showing period to help minimize pet odors.

It can require multiple showings before sellers start to receive offers, which can mean your house might remain on the market for some time. If you have a baby or toddler who requires naps or multiple dogs and cats, moving out of the house while it’s for sale may be an effective strategy.

Ask family or friends if you could stay with them for a short time, look for a monthly rental or consider the option of extended-stay hotels. Some sellers opt to go on a vacation for a while after they list their home. The first few weeks of a new listing can involve multiple showings, so getting away for a break can reduce the stressfulness of the experience for many.

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