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At Chris Kare Realty we enjoy providing useful information for our current as well as future clients who are planning to sell their home. On this post, we’ll present a few tips that can help you prepare yours for the marketplace.

Realtor Manteno IL

For starters, identify any necessary repairs and then make a list in order of priority. Daily wear and tear in a household can start to take its toll over time. Particularly if the home has been lived in for a lengthy time period. From a squeaky door or a window that won’t open to a toilet that keeps running or broken garbage disposal, it can be easy to overlook fairly minor problems that don’t seem to call for immediate repair.

Realtor Manteno IL

However, prospective buyers may view these quirks as an issue that lowers the value of your residence or as a kind of bargaining chip to leverage during the negotiation process. When those noticeable issues that need repairs start to add up, buyers might start to ponder if there are more significant issues to consider. Consequently, that could end up stopping them from submitting an offer.

Walk through your house room to room and take note of repairs that should be done. Consult with your Realtor Manteno IL at Chris Kare Realty for suggestions on which repairs are top priority before listing your house. Look for dents or holes in walls. Floors ideally should not have chips or cracks.

Next, it’s time to assess the kitchen and the bathrooms. For starters, the major appliances should all be in good working order. Check drawers and cabinets to ensure that they all close and open properly. Bathroom and kitchen faucets, drains and plumbing fixtures must be functional and leak-free. Bathroom showers and tubs shouldn’t have any broken or missing tiles. Also, check for indications of water damage.

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